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ipsensor – Power metering for energy management

Use ipsensor (intelligent Power Sensor) to measure active power, current, voltage and frequency of single loads in low voltage systems.

Manage your actions easily within your energy management system to improve the energy efficiency or to minimize the down times by preventive maintenance / service.

imageipsensor – base module for industry 4.0

  • ipsensor uses the wires in low voltage distribution boards for measuring, for example on the fuses in control cabinets. The system concept guarantees an optimal cost-value ratio through 1%-measuring accuracy, easy installation in retrofit or new installations and very low internal energy consumption.
  • The modular system consists of one base unit (ipsensor Base) and one or more sensors (ipsensor 3, 12). The sensors contain several metering points to measure the active power of the single loads.
  • You can connect up to 120 metering points by ribbon cable to the base unit with flexible distances. The very fast bus system supports the individual assignment of the correct phase to each individual current metering point, to enable the calculation of the power values. The base unit is mounted on a DIN rail, the sensors are mounted on the fuses or similar devices.
  • The metered values are read out by modbus protocol (TCP / RTU). You can integrate ipsensor with the ipsensor service tool in your system environment fastly and without any programming knowledge. Preconfigured interface modules are available for a variety of software systems.



  • Scalable power/energy metering with up to 120 metering points
  • Easy installation (new/retrofit)
  • Minimum installation height
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Direct connection to EDM-Systems
  • Data Logger, Smart Meter, SPS, and others
  • Attractive cost-to-performance ratio

Electrical connections

Voltage (L1) 230V, 50/60Hz
Power (max. value with 10 sensors) 5W
Amperage (min. for the fuse) 1A


ipsensorBase Up to 10 sensors
Sensors Versions with 3 or 12 metering points
Different amperage
Length of connection via
flat ribbon cable (max. value)
5 m

Dimensions ipsensorBase

Height 91mm
Width 35 mm (2 Modules)
Depth 59 mm

Dimensions sensors

Height 13 mm
Width 17,5 mm (1 Module) / metering point
Depth 47 mm

Communication interface

1 x RS485 Modbus RTU, 115,2 kBaud
1 x Ethernet Modbus TCP, 100 MBit
Voltage measuring 3~230/400 V Class 1 according to DIN EN 60688
Current measuring 40 A
80 A
Class 1 according to DIN EN 60688
Frequency measuring 50 / 60 Hz Class 1 according to DIN EN 60688
Active Power measuring 9,2 kW
18,4 kW
for 40A version
for 80A version
Class 1 according to DIN EN 62053-21 (applied*)

* The accuracy of the power measuring active power is according to DIN EN 62053-21. The impact of the relevant influencing variables on the measurement accuracy is according to DIN EN 62053-21